Qik Doimocityline bedroom

DIMENSIONS:   Width cm. 364 x p.60 x h. 263.6 Measures bed cm. 130 x 212 Measures writing desk cm. 150 x 62.6


Doimocityline bedroom with bridge wardrobe and one and a half bed

  • Tender head bed (212 x 130) mud lacquered color with 120x200 mesh
  • Vega nightstand with 2 drawers, push pull, mud and amber color (60 x 33.8 x 46.4)
  • Dove-colored 3-door wardrobe, saffron-colored central door (135 x 60 x 263.6) with internal equipment: 3 clothes hangers, 2 shelves and chest of drawers with 2 drawers
  • Giove writing desk (150 x 62.6) hanging on the wall in amber color, with 36 cm high mud back
  • Lucky swivel chair with white wheels
  • Asia dx and left saffron bookcase with amber back
  • Bridge wardrobe with sliding doors (225 x 60) dove-colored doors, with back panels and shaped amber side.

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