Eclectic wall units 4 by Devina Nais

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Modern open compartments for library use and closed wall units in solid material wood

The compositions with Pensili allow you to better equip your home, fully enhancing them and optimizing the space available. Depending on the needs of each one, we offer in the shop proposals of excellent workmanship with Wall units of different sizes and finishes. The living area is a home area where we spend a lot of time, alone or with other people: the choice of the best cabinet makes the difference. For those who can't say no to furniture with a touch of style, the Eclettica 4 Wall Cabinets by Devina Nais in wood are the right solution. The most popular models are those that allow you to recreate different versions, so that they can fit into any type of venue. The model here present fits well into your living but will also prove pleasant in different contexts, thanks to its great versatility.

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