Hiro Up foldaway bunk bed by Clever

Clever space-saving furniture and accessories are the best on the market: discover the Hiro Up foldaway bunk bed by Clever

The right type of bed should follow your personal taste and a certain idea of style, the important thing is that it fits the dimensions and functions of the room. The bedroom is the most private place in the house, intended for daily relaxation, so the furnishings should always recreate a soothing atmosphere. With Clever's space-saving lacquered beds, including this trendy model, you will have a beautiful and welcoming piece of furniture in your bedroom. In a small-sized room, the Hiro Up bunk bed with disappearing feature by Clever has its rightful place, designed to guarantee total relaxation and proper support for everyone. The matte lacquered products from the brand offer your room a touch of style and charm, for a space devoted to complete comfort. In our showroom, you can see firsthand the different matte lacquered solutions from Clever, including customizable and transformable models from top brands.

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