Moon Basso Outdoor garden table by Bontempi

Furniture and accessory objects for the Bontempi outdoor space: our line of garden tables is waiting for you

The outdoor furnishings that we present in our store are not lacking in aesthetic content and practicality, as demonstrated by this line of glass garden tables. Garden furniture should be designed with the same care dedicated to the design of the rooms in our home, so that it becomes a pleasant environment. Whether you want to enjoy large green spaces or small outdoor areas, garden furniture needs to be carefully curated in order to always look beautiful and be functional. Here you will find this proposal for the Moon Basso Outdoor garden table by Bontempi and many other solutions signed by the renowned brand for designing the outdoor space with practicality and design. The Bontempi brand boasts years of experience in the sector and is always sensitive to evolving tastes in outdoor furniture.

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