Air Wildwood

Gross price: € 4370 Discounted price: € 2790 Discount: -36%

Ar Wildwood Lago Table

A suspended table The Air design table, elegant, wide and light è designed for life around it. Sitting at this large table gives l’ unique experience of sharing a moment suspended in everyday flow. Two almost invisible crystal legs support the table top, which seems to be suspended in the void. The extra-clear tempered glass gives a feeling of great lightness.

PRODUCT: Fixed Table   


MODEL: Air Wildwood

FINISH:   Double-walled wood thickness 8cm in thermo-treated oak Legs in tempered transparent glass 1.2 cm thick

DIMENSIONS: CM 190 X 90, H.76 

PRICE LIST: 3.293,00 
DISCOUNT: 34 # 37 

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