Modern kitchen Lago 36e8 model

A modular kitchen for your spaces

Designer Daniele Lago - 2009

The modular kitchen 36e8 breaks the standard configuration patterns, thanks to the use of a square module measuring 36.8 x 36.8 cm on each side, which allows for creating surprising volumes and shapes. An innovation that leaves plenty of room for personal creativity: it's you who create your own kitchen, choosing containers, depths, finishes, and colors.

The features of the Lago Kitchen

  • SUSPENSION AND ERGONOMICS Suspended or supported by glass legs, the 36e8 kitchens make the environment light and airy, also bringing numerous ergonomic and spatial advantages, facilitating the use and cleaning of the space.
  • INTEGRATION WITH THE LIVING AREA The Lago kitchen establishes a dialogue with the living area, which can be designed with the same finishes.
  • SUSPENDED WALL UNITS The 36e8 Weightless wall units can integrate pantry, hood, and dish racks and hang from the ceiling like stalactites.
  • INFINITE MODULARITY The 36e8 kitchen is customizable down to the centimeter.
  • PURITY OF VOLUMES The thin countertop, absence of handles, grooves, and plinths give life to clean and refined shapes.

Product Variants

  • ISLAND KITCHEN custom-designed islands, suspended or supported by glass legs
  • PENINSULA KITCHEN as a workspace or equipped peninsula, it is possible to create the perfect solution to optimize space
  • LINEAR KITCHEN the wall kitchen can be customized down to the centimeter thanks to different modules, depths, and finishes

Various finishes for the 36e8 kitchen

  • GLOSSY GLASS   in 32 colors, solid tempered glass that prevents cleaning
  • WILDWOOD   Finished with artisan care, Wildwood può oak; wear top, doors and snack counter with its noble wood, 4mm thick, heat-treated and resistant
  • STEEL smooth or brushed effect, l& # 39; steel è a noble and highly technical material, suitable for use in one of the rooms of the più house; urged to 26-use
  • CERAMIC   Mediterranean tradition and innovation meet in the MadeTerraneo kitchen, transforming handmade ceramic squares into small works d’ art decorated, functional and durable. The ceramic tile, a typical element of Mediterranean culture, becomes the basic form of kitchen tops and peninsulas

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