Single foldaway bed Im 22 10 Nikai by Clever

The right type of bed must follow your personal taste and a precise stylistic coherence, what matters is that it adapts to the dimensions and functions of the room. The bedroom is the most private space in the house, intended for daily rest, so the furnishings must always create a relaxing atmosphere. With Clever's space-saving foldaway beds in melamine, including this trendy model, you will have beautiful and very functional furniture in your room. In a small room there is space for the Im 22 10 Nikai foldaway single bed by Clever, designed to guarantee total relaxation and optimal support for everyone. The products made in melamine by the brand give your bedroom a touch of style and charm, for a space devoted to full comfort. In our store you will be able to see firsthand the various Clever melamine proposals, among which you will also find custom-made transformable models from the best companies.

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