Im 22 11 Nikai Up foldaway bunk bed by Clever

The furnishing proposals signed by the well-known and well-known brand will please you as they are capable of equipping spaces by fully enhancing them, with practicality and design. We offer a diversified collection of foldaway beds in melamine for all expectations related to rest, in first choice materials and resistant over the years. When choosing a good bed model, carefully evaluate its measurements, finishes, shape and particular style with respect to the rest of the furnishings. Visit us in our showroom and you will be able to touch a large variety of space-saving foldaway beds of the well-known and well-known Clever brand. The Im 22 11 Nikai Up foldaway bunk bed by Clever in melamine can be placed in any kind of bedroom, making it look its best by mixing charm and class. The foldaway beds of the Clever brand that we offer in our showroom will guarantee you the best rest every night, as well as welcome and warmth.

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