Single foldaway bed Im 22 12 Hiro by Clever

I Clever space-saving furniture and accessory items are the best on the market: discover the Clever Im 22 12 Hiro Single Folding Bed.

With the space-saving foldaway beds of the Clever brand, including this practical model, you will make the bedroom an elegantly furnished place. The bedroom is the home space that most reflects the taste of those who frequent it, an interior par excellence dedicated to rest, relaxation and privacy. In the bedroom, the foldaway beds are the center of the furniture: with the linen and pillows, they become an island of comfort that welcomes you in the evening. Visiting our shop means seeing live the most exclusive melamine furnishing solutions of the well-known brand, including those ideal for small rooms. Clever's custom-made space-saving models available in our store personalize the practical qualities of your bedroom by combining ergonomics and safety. Among the foldaway beds in melamine on the market, the model shown in the photo will ensure you the best rest every night and optimal well-being.

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